KVM Based Servers

We only use top technologies such as KVM Virtualization which not only provides dedicated resources to your VPS but also guarantees the best possible performance.

Anti-DDoS Pro Protection

Our dedicated Cisco Firewalls can mitigate DDoS attacks on L3 and L4 layers up to 500 Gbps and it can handle way higher attacks on our gaming servers range with gaming firewalls.

Netherlands VPS Plans

Big or small, website or application – we have a Virtual Private Server configuration for you at Legionhoster.com
Plan CPU Storage RAM Bandwidth /Mo Order
OrderPlan 1 1 Core 50 GB 1 GB RAM 1 TB 1 TB $19.99 Order
OrderPlan 2 2 Core 75 GB 2 GB RAM 1 TB 1 TB $29.99 Order
OrderPlan 3 2 Core 75 GB 4 GB RAM 1 TB 1 TB $39.99 Order
OrderPlan 4 4 Core 100 GB 8 GB RAM 1 TB 1 TB $69.99 Order


Experience The Legionhoster Difference Today!

Up To 20X Faster Servers

Our servers use Top grade Intel XEON servers and SSDs to provide best possible performance. On the top, we use KVM Virtualization to allocate dedicated resources.


Enjoy friendly, smart assistance from our world-class Technical Support and Operations teams. Our experts keep your server running & up-to-date with security patches, OS updates, and more.

Unlimited 24/7 Support

Our expert Technical Support team is on standby to diagnose and solve any issues you encounter. No question is too basic or complex.

VPS Control Panel

Our all VPS range comes with a great VPS Control panel which allows you to manage your servers in one place. Anything from Start/Stop/Shutdown/Restart to Reinstalling OS of your choice is possible.

Unlimited Bandwidth

There are no limits on the amount of traffic your VPS hosted site or app can receive. All we ask is that you be nice and comply with our unlimited policy.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

20x faster than standard SATA disk drives, we provide all new virtual private servers with high performance SSD hard drives that range from 25GB to 500GB.

Anti-DDoS protection

Measures put in place to protect your system against DDoS attacks, while letting legitimate traffic pass through.

Load Balancers

All our Cloud products can be scaled up or out with no constraints, in all our data centers.

The Best Hosting In The Industry

Our servers are assembled and configured by Legionhoster, to deliver you optimal performance. Our VPS servers are powered by Intel next-generation architecture, NVMe SSD storage, and a highly resilient infrastructure, to meet your needs.

VPS Hosting in the Netherlands

Getting a VPS hosting in the Netherlands is the right choice if you want to expand your online business or create a strong web presence with an optimal price-quality ratio solution.

Nearly all types of websites and resource-intensive projects can be accommodated by reliable and powerful VPS hosting. Users have the additional benefit of purchasing a dedicated hosting environment through the Legion Hoster at the lowest cost. Additionally, we offer you several geographical advantages. The Netherlands' geographic location is regarded as a technological and financial powerhouse.

You should not wait to secure the top VPS hosting in the Netherlands if your target market is in the country or the nearby area Most virtual private server solutions provide multiple hosting options. For instance, at Legion Hoster, we provide six VPS options to accommodate various business requirements and enable you to easily grow your site when you require additional resources.

Benefits of VPS hosting in the Netherlands

Root Level Control

A virtual private server, or VPS, is a physical server that is controlled and maintained by a cloud or web hosting company. It serves as an isolated, virtual environment. Using virtualization technology, many private server environments can be created on a single physical computer using VPS hosting and sharing the same resources. When necessary, you can take control of your virtual private server at the root level. With root access, you may change your server's appearance, manage it, and configure it however you like.

Advanced-Grade Server Security

Security-as-a-service is incorporated into our Netherland VPS hosting. We offer high-tech and sophisticated server security measures like DDoS protection, end-to-end data encryption, etc. to ensure that our customer's data is completely secure.

Speed up to 1 GBPS

Our virtual private servers have the strongest, fastest, and most reliable network connectivity. Your website has the chance to enjoy the fastest possible connectivity of 1 GBPS.

SSD Storage Drives

You get SSDs for data storage when you use a VPS server in the Netherlands. The fastest speed and uninterrupted performance of your website are made possible by SSDs, or solid-state drives, which have no moving parts.

24/7 Customer Support

Possibly the most crucial aspect of web hosting is uptime. Many times, the desire to move from a shared host to a VPS server is motivated by uptime.

99.90% Uptime Guarantee

We help your website maintain an uptime guarantee of 99.90%. Additionally, to facilitate maximum uptime and almost zero downtime, our data centers promise to deliver redundant power, high-level network connectivity, and secure channels.

Why Buy Netherland VPS from Legion Hoster

Many web business owners worry about finding a reputable web host and the best VPS hosting Netherlands plan. According to several publications, people need affordable web hosting services to grow their internet companies. However, people have infrequently discovered affordability and dependability in the same place.

As a result, Legion Hoster has developed web hosting solutions that may meet all requirements for online businesses. The business provides a wide selection of affordable Netherlands VPS hosting plans and packages with intensive and top-notch services. We have established ourselves as the market leaders because of our transparent final pricing and superior hosting services, which are frequently lacking from other respected web hosting firms.

Additionally, we provide 24/7 immediate help through our team of experts and professionals, giving top priority to the questions and concerns of our customers. We give you the option to communicate with them using your favorite methods, such as Live Chat, Skype, etc.

How do you choose the Best Netherlands VPS Provider?

Most people look for Cheap VPS Netherlands when looking for a hosting company, ignoring other important criteria. However, there are several other crucial factors to take into account in addition to the price. Finding a trustworthy, top-notch, and affordable VPS provider in the Netherlands is simple. The only thing you have to do is create a list of factors such as network speed and uptime, Customer Reviews, Multiple Locations, and technical Support.

Server Uptime

The indicator of reliability for VPS hosting is uptime. It is frequently expressed or assessed as a percentage. For instance, if a host advertises 99% uptime, it indicates that, on average, during a month, the web server is only offline for a total of no more than 7 hours. Your website will function more dependably if web hosting firms offer higher uptime. This is crucial for your users as well as your search engine rankings. Verify that the web host you are considering includes an uptime guarantee in their Terms of Service.


Web page speed and web server speed are not the same things. The first one is a rating of how quickly a query is answered by your web hosting server. It serves as a gauge of the caliber of service a web hosting business offers. While it is possible to improve the speed at which a web page loads, it is not viable to do the same for the speed at which a web server operates. Speed is a key component in search rankings. The web host will be responsible for this.


Costs have decreased generally for the majority of technology. However, you should pay less attention to the service's actual cost when choosing web hosting. A cost-benefit analysis will be much more helpful in this case. Are you actually in need of everything that's included in that plan, even if you're paying top bucks for the best in the business? However, keep in mind that a package that is too inexpensive may indicate cost-cutting elsewhere, so be wary of really low-cost VPS hosting!