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cPanel on VPS

Pros and Cons of cPanel on VPS

You need a web host if you have a website. A control panel is available to you if you have a web host. The interface your hosting company provides for you to access its services and administer your servers is known as a web host control panel.

Your web hosting control panel offers you access to the file manager, database, and mail server on your server, lets you change the firewall settings and spam filter settings, and displays traffic statistics for your website. You are unable to effectively maintain your site without these tools.

Typically, a control panel interface is included with shared or virtual hosting when you purchase the service. However, you’ll have to set up your interface if you need to migrate to a dedicated server. Although having the interface already configured for you makes management simpler, you have more control if you can upload your own interface to the server.

There are several widely used web hosting control panel choices. The two most well-known are cPanel and Plesk. In this article, we will tell both the pros and cons of cPanel in VPS.

cPanel on VPS Servers: What it means?

A proprietary control panel program for Linux-based web servers is called cPanel. Numerous capabilities are included, such as DNS management, email management, database management, and site hosting. When purchasing a VPS hosting package, many providers provide one or more licenses for cPanel; however, some charge extra for the license and installation of cPanel on a new server.

You will have access to numerous sophisticated configuration and system management options via the cPanel interface if you select a VPS platform with cPanel. You can modify DNS records, access database tables, manage the files on your website, and much more from cPanel. Additionally, cPanel offers plugins, which are pieces of add-on software that provide your server with new features. Softaculous, an app installer that simplifies the process of installing new software like WordPress, is an illustration of such a plugin.

You can quickly manage web files, FTP accounts, and other web files on the server by installing the cPanel on your VPS servers. But keep in mind that virtual servers on VPS servers are separate from the resources used for web hosting. The Linux VPS servers from MilesWeb can host a large number of web projects and apps. The superior control panel installed on servers makes it simpler to manage all types of web files.


1 Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The primary reason why so many customers are anticipating cPanel is because of its graphical user interface (Graphical user Interface). This GUI is more user-friendly than a conventional command-line interface because it can be accessed through a web browser on PCs and mobile devices. This greatly improves the usability and accessibility of editing your server and website.

2. Management of DNS

When cPanel is installed on your server, it manages all DNS records in an intuitive GUI interface for a variety of domain names. Using Zone Editor, it is simple to examine, alter, or remove any existing DNS records.

3. Management of databases

Additionally, phpMyAdmin, a powerful database management system, is part of cPanel. It offers users a structured GUI for creating, editing, and managing MySQL databases for usage in websites and other applications. For people who are not familiar with MySQL programming, this is extremely helpful.

4. Management of Email

Webmail is another function of cPanel VPS hosting. Users can create a specific number of email accounts with this kind of browser-based email client. As a result, businesses no longer need to rely on third-party software or programs and can simply attach their emails to cPanel accounts. A strong infrastructure is provided by cPanel to support more emails and use them safely to shield emails from malware and virus attacks of all kinds.

5. Softaculous

Over 400 online applications can be installed with only one click using Softaculous. You may get a Softaculous and install software like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and more with MilesWeb’s Linux VPS web hosting services. This program is useful for managing your installed applications because it makes it simple to quickly identify which applications you currently have installed.

6. File Management

Users may quickly manage files using the File Manager feature of the cPanel control panel. You can quickly manage online files and host them at your convenience using the cPanel. Drag and drop is all that is necessary to manage your files quickly.

Cons of cPanel on VPS

1 Software Restriction

The accessibility of several programs is a difficulty while installing cPanel on VPS servers. After all, not all operating systems and software programs are supported by the cPanel. Only Linux framework programs are supported.

2. Time-Consuming

These GUI menus might occasionally prove to be a time-consuming process for executing various commanding interfaces.

3. Non-Normal File Organization

When moving to or from another platform, it can be challenging to navigate since cPanel’s file organization is not the same as that of standard Linux operating systems.

4. Proprietary Software

Software that is controlled by a firm, or proprietary, can only be modified to a certain extent. Users who want to manage databases and perform more complex DNS adjustments can run into issues because of this.

5. Cost

Because cPanel is not a free piece of software, some customers may find the price to be exorbitant or may want to save money by handling system administration in another way.


After reading about the benefits and drawbacks of using cPanel on VPS, you can determine if it is preferable to use a platform that does or does not use cPanel. Experienced users might prefer using a command line interface. Depending on your degree of expertise, cPanel might or might not be a good fit for you.

VPS web hosting servers are of the highest caliber and satisfy standards for web hosting at the enterprise level. If you are using Linux VPS hosting infrastructure, you also need a control panel (cPanel) to handle web files on the server. The cPanel VPS servers from MilesWeb are reasonably priced and offer you top-notch web hosting services with managed server support.

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