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Benefits of Using a VPS For a Startup eCommerce Website

A hosting service called a virtual private server (VPS) is in charge of employing virtualization technology to make a specific server resource available to numerous users. Compared to shared hosting, it is a more reliable and stable alternative that is also less expensive than renting a full server.

Security is one of the key components of an eCommerce website because the majority of transactions include sensitive data from customers and users. As a result, adopting a VPS should improve website security and reassure users that their information will remain private and confidential. But what additional advantages does implementing a VPS provide to eCommerce websites?

1. Security

VPS is a very stable web hosting solution, so it’s unlikely that it would go offline due to subpar hosting. It’s a superb server configuration because of the high level of protection that it provides to eCommerce sites. The hosting server is less likely to become infected in the event of a hacking incident because it is distinct from the main server.

2. Backups

In the event of a calamity or data loss, having a backup strategy in place is crucial for an eCommerce website. As data from the primary server is transmitted to the VPS, VPS performs well in providing an efficient backup mechanism. As a result, if there is a site-wide mistake, it is simple to restore the site.

3. Lower Costs

You will spend less when using a VPS to host your online store than when using a dedicated server. A VPS lowers the overall cost per user by enabling several users to utilize a single server resource.

A VPS is equally cost-effective to shared hosting but less so. It is less expensive because the resources are shared and, generally speaking, it uses fewer system resources than a dedicated server.

4. Simple to maintain

Although VPS is a new technology, its user-friendly interface makes it a simple solution. The hosting company’s many features make it very simple to manage. Any eCommerce platform you decide to instal will be simple to maintain, and you can rapidly set up your site.

5. Use of bandwidth and traffic

Since each site may be designed to have exactly the right amount of bandwidth, a VPS enables better bandwidth control. Because it is possible to determine how many resources a site needs, it is very helpful for hosting eCommerce sites because they demand a lot of traffic.

6. Enhanced Performance and Speed

Websites run the danger of being slow or unavailable since numerous sites are housed on a single server and are sharing the same resources. The server’s capacity could be increased if it is hosting numerous locations. But with a VPS, the website and its owner have total control over the resources they use, which they can distribute to better optimise performance.

7. Root Access

If you have significant technical skills, installing some programmes might require root access. Since multiple websites are housed on one server, providing one user root access would put the security of the other websites at risk. Therefore, root access is never granted under shared hosting. While a VPS hosting service gives you root access, there is no chance of damaging other websites because only you are using the resources provided. VPS is ultimately the best option for a serious eCommerce startup.

8. Takes Care of Heavy Traffic

Every eCommerce website benefits from increased traffic in terms of greater conversion opportunities. This increases the revenue for your business. However, if you have a shared hosting package, a significant increase in traffic could cause your bandwidth to run out. Your website might disappear, which could be disastrous.

This is among the most crucial justifications for hosting your eCommerce website on a VPS. You do not need to worry about other websites vying for resources on your server because you have dedicated resources.

9. Scalable Resources with Guarantees

The amount of processors for your account is assured, and you have the option to expand it at any moment. The same holds true for other crucial resources like RAM, storage capacity, and even the amount of accessible bandwidth for your site.

There is really no cap on how much of any resource can be allotted to your account with Cloud VPS. Even more, provisioning typically occurs instantly and may be enabled in your account administration with the simple click of a scale.

10. Account Isolation

To really grasp this, imagine the difference between living in your own home in a gated neighbourhood and living in a shared house. In the former, practically everything other housemates do will have an impact on you. With the latter, you get all of your own amenities.

A significant improvement in security is a key part of this. Even if you’re on the same Cloud, you won’t be impacted by malware or other security consequences on other accounts. This improvement in security is crucial as financial information is frequently handled by eCommerce sites.

There is Even Better—Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS is now a significantly better option for eCommerce stores because of the power of cloud computing. Cloud computing by its very nature draws on the resources of multiple servers.

As a result, if you choose Cloud VPS hosting, you will have access to one extremely important feature: almost infinite scalability. Since you’re no longer constrained by the capabilities of a single server, you may expand your site to previously unheard-of sizes far more affordably.

A few core businesses with stellar track records in the industry offer cloud hosting, which is likewise quite specialized. They are also easily accessible because the industry has a very strong ecology.


Are you launching an online store? Is it running and getting much better now? A VPS is a good choice in either case. We are aware that VPS is more expensive than shared hosting, but the trade-off is well worth it. Furthermore, VPS is simple to scale and can manage a sizable amount of website traffic. As your business develops, so will your traffic.

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